Hollow Victory EP

by Burn Everything

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released March 23, 2012

Dullest Records 2012
Recorded by Brian Moore at Redbooth Recording



all rights reserved


Burn Everything Rochester, New York

"Progressive post-hardcore? Dillinger / Burnt By the Sun-esque mathcore? Some other ultimately meaningless label? Beats me… how about just “good”? - metalsucks.net

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Track Name: Hollow Victory
I’ve reached, the apex of my boredom, I’ve RSVP’d with a no to my own funeral

What good does it do me, to just be complacent,

To be a replacement,

To never even try (never try)

The sleepless nights

Spent plotting my escape

I have the key, but cannot find the gate (find the gate)

There’s no such thing as an atheist foxhole, but goddammit here we are

There are no easy answers, there are no second chances

There is only regret in the rearview, of your backwards glances

This victory rings hollow and empty, there is so much more to go, there is so much more

Destitute, I won’t give in to this

No not again this is my cross to bear this is my weighted anchor

I won’t let go

I hold on with all I’ve got
Track Name: Holy-Diverticulitus
We have no use, for people like you you’ve been found out

You’ve been compromised

Now we know what you’re all about

Nothing at all

You lack substance and depth

you’re not a part of this and you never will be

You fake piece of shit

You lack conviction, a cheap parlor trick, superficial and weak

With no roots, no integrity you grab onto the coattails of whatever is popular

And nothing rings true

All of your empty words don’t mean a thing, this is not about you
Track Name: Maintain Radio Silence
My skin crawls, my stomach turns in knots

Will I ever get past the point where I can just write this whole thing off

So full of wasted promise, so full of wide eyed regret


Whats left of rationale

Burning every bridge to the fucking ground

Nothing good will ever come from not heeding my own advice

And all this time, I've told myself

That I should let you in

I was so wrong, so heres to never again

I'm severing all ties, heres to never again

The moment you realize that no one will help you, I wont be there

Wasn't this inevitable, that we'd end up cutting each others throats

A lifetime spent in ruin, to end up dying alone.
Track Name: Vengeance and the Night Sky
So far removed from the tranquil surroundings of your home

I’ve dragged you, through the woods in the middle of the night, to open you up

They’ll never find you, when I get through, and when I’m through with you you’ll be ripped to shreds

Food for the animals, a lifeless former friend of mine

You’ve stabbed me in the back, for the final time

There are no excuses. only exit wounds

A pool of blood, reflects the moon

As I read aloud, a transcript of all your transgressions, you will beg for your life

Every scream you expel, can not be heard

This dull knife peels the flesh from your bones, and pours in the salt

The last thing you see, the last thing you see as I take out your eyes

Is your grave being dug, being lowered, as you’re buried alive